Spark Your Imagination with Our Themed Excursions

At NORLANDIS, our highly trusted team of travel and lifestyle experts design unforgettable experiences tailored to clients’ every wish. NORLANDIS excursions are highly customized, skillfully organized and executed by our team with discretion, safety, and style in mind. NORLANDIS excursions are created to spark your imagination, but dream on, because the possibilities are endless in the North.

Every excursion includes 24/7 luxury concierge services and recommendations curated to each client’s preferences and lifestyle. Our team is dedicated to fulfilling every request –– no matter how big or small –– to ensure the travel experience is filled with ease.

Infinite Christmas Magic

Embark on an unforgettable northern adventure in Lapland’s majestic capital. Board Santa’s private jet from Helsinki to the frosty wonderland of Rovaniemi. Meet the jolly old man in person and experience an enchanting array of surprises and delights prepared expressly for you by Santa’s little helpers.

Let your holiday spirit unfurl year-round with unprecedented luxury and a sense of magic to last a lifetime.

Lakeside Leisure

Designed for explorers at heart, the pioneers who desire to immerse themselves in nature to a degree that alters the trajectory of their lives forever. Be one of the fortunate few to luxuriate in Finland’s secret pearl.

Boasting breathtaking views, extravagant yachts, world-class fishing and the rush of canoeing and water sports, this is the pinnacle in lakeside experiences. Picture the idyllic backdrop of Finnish nature offset by a gourmet private chef, exclusive spa treatments and upscale accommodations.

Snowbound Fantasies

Expand your comfort zone in the extreme north. An experience crafted to inspire the most opulent of adventurers, where the activities come coupled with lavish Scandinavian comforts. Slide out of your skis and into the sauna. Safari with huskies and reindeer before chasing auroras from the plush comfort of a luxury igloo or tent. From ice fishing and supercars on ice to seeing it all from the skies by private helicopter –– the snow-covered reverie of dreams awaits you.

Complete your arctic conquest while savoring the finest gourmet foods and spa treatments to warm your body and soul.

Nordic Luxury Lifestyle + Design

Open your eyes, heart, and wallet for a private Scandinavian shopping tour. Fill your home with exclusive Nordic designs and your memories with a wealth of cultural insights. Imagine if Alvar Aalto, Hans J. Wegner and Arne Jacobsen were to give you a private tour of their favorite galleries and fine dining establishments. Learn the classics and connect with modern Scandinavian designers of nouveau northern chic.

Indulge in the hygge of Copenhagen and savor the spice of fresh korvapuusti in Helsinki for a sensory take on Nordic luxury.

The Silence of Nature

Rebalance in a way few are privileged to experience. Escape to the stillness of the Finnish wilds and discover that only you and Mother Nature are present. Be at one with your thoughts and heal both your physical and mental well-being. Exclusive, private, and luxurious, you’ll begin to feel whole again as old Lappish treatments soothe your spirit and forest-to-table meals nourish your body.

No hurries. No timetables. Just you, the lake, the sauna, and the trees.